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Hello !

I'm a Registered Nurse

enjoy working my job

as well as learning VB program .

Well ,I've been looking forward

to meeting you .

Let's go ! with me,O.K. ?Haloo !  Cool site !


Bog Bog ! Cool site !


1 / June / 1999 :


On vacation 1 wk, Have free time be happy, Yeah !

Shopping, Visiting parents, funny times.

Do you envy me ?


Top !

4 / June / 1999 :


Oh ! Unfortunenately I must change my mainboard,

So sad for me, coz he change to be in the red.

I don't like but I don't know, how will I do.

Sad movies. :-(

I will change again by myself, HUH !

Visited my friends at The Thai Nursing Council ,

to changed my Nursing Card too.

Nobody had more times,

took me to Mahanakorn University. ( so deplorable )


Top !

5 / June / 1999 :


Gone to working , Ha !

I was wondering if you'd be interested in

going on a travelling with me , OK ?

enjoy working again." agree to disagree "


Top !

9 / June / 1999 :


Eureka ! I knew who sent CIH virus

to me last year, Huh !

Well, I didn't want to meet them again.

I didn't want to destroy my PC from Virus.

Bad times of mine. :-(

Why came from execute programs only ???

Somebody told me didn't convinced anybody

on network but I didn't belive him.

It serves him right ! Ha Ha Ha !!!!!


Top !

12 / June / 1999 :


Anyway, I try to apply for Loxinfo again.

but didn't work so well.

I didn't know why ?

I'm in jeopardy of getting the CIH virus

from a network attack.

I thaugh like that., Sure !

" People are what they are,

not what you expect them to be"

So sad or not ???


Top !

18 / June / 1999 :


Star Wars Episode I ,..... Funny !

I loved anakin skywalker,didn't you ?

May be Amidala loved him too....

But didn't wanna be a Darth Vader , Ha !

Let's go with me ? , nice friends.


Top !

19 / June / 1999 :


Oh ! I mistrust everything on network for good.

My PC destoyed from them,

Don't wanna meeting them again.

Lucky time,found about Firewall program ??

Show me about somebody want to connect me

not in the right way.... :-(

Hacker or Cracker, right ?

Some website when web surfer so many

wanna hack mine, huh! :-(

I can knew coz show me so many IP/UDP

not in the real way

Then learn by myself, the way of Hacker or Cracker work

but didn't wanna be a Hacker or Cracker.

Do you agree with me ?


Top !

28 / June / 1999 :


Start practice about Obstetric - Gynaecology.

So many about women operations.

If you found something wrong

just visit a Obs -Gynae physician early.

Take Care of yourself.. :-)

Top !

.. / June / 1999 : To be Continue !

Rose for you !

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