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Hello !

I'm a Registered Nurse

enjoy working my job

as well as learning VB program .

Well ,I've been looking forward

to meeting you .

Let's go ! with me,O.K. ?Haloo !  Cool site !


Bog Bog ! Cool site !


1 / Oct. / 1999 :


Apply to be a membership of TORN

Perioperative Nurse ought to be a membership too.


Try using another ISP : KSC

Couldn't use so well again, Huh!

I don't know why ? .....

Umm ! coz I used firewall or not ?

In my opinion, ISP couldn't support members

if used firewall,right ?

I told him that about firewall,

coz I didn't want somebody connect me

not in the right way,to destroy my PC again.

Somebody sent Nuked to me too... ha ha !

The bad time of mine.


Top !

18 / Oct. / 1999 :


On vacation in Phuket 3 adys.

Nice & Cool place to relax your life !

If you have enough times, just relax yours.

Life's so funny, take it's so easy.


Top !

26 / Oct. / 1999 :


Conference about my hospital

plan outgoing from government.

Do you agree or not ?

I supposed better than now,

employees might work more, right ?

Customers will be impressed by the expertise

of our highly trained employees.


Top !

27 / Oct. / 1999 :


Grand openning Computer's assembly. Cheers !

plan members to learn about computer sciences.

Do you interesting ?

Let's Go !


Top !

31 / Oct. / 1999 :


Conference about " Medical Audit "

So hard at first ! but very intersing for my job.


Top !