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Hello !

I'm a Registered Nurse

enjoy working my job

as well as learning Delphi program .

Well ,I've been looking forward

to meeting you .

Let's go ! with me,O.K. ?Haloo !  Cool site !


Bog Bog ! Cool site !


1 / May / 2000 :


Homepage's Birthday 2 yrs.

Enjoy your times or not ?

Rose for you !


Couldn't recived AORN Journal

Since April 2000.

I don't know about this problem.

I think my parcel post must be register.

I can get journal directly.

I try e-mail & telephone long distance to....

Customer Service of AORN : Vicki Hogue.

then waiting to hear from her.


Top !

2 / May / 2000 :


Conference in my office ,

"Hydrocephalus" and I was a speaker too.


So that, the chief asked scrub nurses in

my unit about their favorite fields.

In my opinion, very interesting in all fields,

Firstly, couldn't open now : Cardio - Thoracic surgery,

Coz, I have many Hearts, eh eh ! Just Kidding ! ;-)

then told the chief : Orthopedic surgery.

Anyway, I'm still working in Obstetric - Gynaecology now.

So,How about you ?


Well, On 24 - 25 June,2000 in Bangkok Thailand ;

The 5th annual The Thai Operating Room

Nurses Society Congress would like

an opportunity to meet with other

Perioperative Nurses and other health care professionals

in my country who might have similar interests in

"Direction of the Developement to the Quality of the

Perioperative Nursing "

Now I'm interesting in Health Care Reform, don't you ?

I will be very pleased that you all will be able

to come and join us.


Top !

4 / May / 2000 :


Have you ever know about hilarious technology

in Thailand just visit

So funny & exciting !


Top !

5 / May / 2000 :


" Coronation day "


Top !

8 / May / 2000 :


Congratulation ! to my young brother.

Can entrance in KU :-)

Science faculty ;Applied radiology & Isotope.

Shhh !.... he wanna entrance in

computer's engineering faculty.


Top !

11 / May / 2000 :


Waiting for reply e-mail from Vicki.

100 yrs for The statesman: Preedee Panomyong


Top !

12 / May / 2000 :


Meeting with my high school's Old Friends .

At Kratom Deunpen, Hatyai, Songkhla,

nice place in this town.

16 yrs couldn't meeting them, Oh ! so long.


Top !

15 / May / 2000 :


" Ploughing Ceremony Day "


Have more times for clear my works & see VCD

in my room, happy time of mine.

So, how about you today ?


Do you like travelling or not,

feel free to visit panorama or thai4thai.

For searching your interesting.

Have a beutifull day.


Top !

16 / May / 2000 :


AORN Journal : April, 2000 sent to me today,

but May,2000 did not ,will send later ? .

Waiting for journal again. I will e-mail to Vicki tomorrow,

have a night shift today.

Ooops ! ...Something wrong about e-mails

from hotbar, I sent to them this day

From topic :"send to your friends"

after my friends open their mail boxes.

They found their mail box couldnot use again,

I don't know why ?, But I will ask hotbar's webmaster

about something destroy their mail boxes.

Apologized me too.

Well,I ran & setup directly from website,

Couldn't found any problems, Huh! ???


Top !

17 / May / 2000 :


" Wisakha Bucha's Day "

My Favorite religious for Buddhism.


* Well, got reply e-mail from Vicki,

She told me that .....

" quoted a price of $34.79 per Journal sent by DHL "

I suppose so expensive about 1,400 bath for me :-(

I'm not on the money,

I will waiting for a normal parcel post not register. :-)

She's so nice & warmly.


Oops ! Today after download files to create

my webpage at tripod, I found something wrong !

Somebody created my source page with in execute file.

I don't know why it's show like that ??

For example nearly was show in my source page..

Content-Type: multipart/alternative;


I'm not sure the real terms,

coz I deleted it from tripod's server

and my diskette too.

I'm not sure, can destroyed by that files

in Internet Cafe's PC or not ?? :-(

Then eradicated other cookies or temporaly

internet files out from their PC too.


I found about execute files since 1998,

in my e-mails but I knew in 2000,

I'm so foolish a long times,right ? :-(

Huh! why they sent to me ??

So, I couldn't upload my file

on that server again, something error !

If you have good ideas, just tell me ..

I'm so proud to hear from you,

But don't send other execute files to me,Please. ...

Why ?? it's show in my source page & my diskette

saved diskette already !

Well, you don't like, do you ?

Unlucky time .. :-(

My brother don't know about my problems !

Huh! So sad.. :-(


Oh! I'm the one who holds that we know

nothing of things beyond material phenomena.


Top !

19 / May / 2000 :


Be Carefull ! about computer's virus " New Love Bug "

Can detroy your own PCs more than old ones,

came from e-mails feel with ".vbs" Huh!


Luckily ! you can download "Ration Killer 1.08 "

Freeware from Thai's Programmer.

To kill their bugs !

Anyway, Love Bug's makers can arrested by Internet' Cop.

I think they're not the real crackers, coz not well-fitting,

but If they have good occasions, they don't do it again.


Take Care of Yourself All Dears. :-)

" Heal the Cyber - World "


Top !

.. / May / 2000 : To be Continue !

Rose for you !

Top !