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Let's Go !

Hello !

I'm a Registered Nurse

enjoy working my job

as well as learning VB program .

Well ,I've been looking forward

to meeting you .

Let's go ! with me,O.K. ?Haloo !  Cool site !


Bog Bog ! Cool site !


1 / Feb. / 1999 :

Start working about Orthopedic Surgery.

So Hard too.

Shibaraku desune, O - genki desuka ?

So long,How about you ?

Mina - san ni yoroshiku.

Missing you all dear friends.

Doozo odaiji ni.

Take care of your self.

  Enjoy day in a Month of Loves, So kind of Loves.


Top !

2 / Feb. / 1999 :

Practiced about Orthopedic Surgery.

So many Interesting,many Instruments

I never knew, never heard also never touch !

By the way,I will try !


First of all,you Love to be an OR nurse,do you ?

I asked myself too, Ho Ho Ho !

You must be patient read many books,

learn by your self about Instruments,Techniques,

Positive Attitude ,Honest,Punctual,Creative,

Hard - working,Easy - going,Optimistic,

And Love Learning!

Also Don't be seriously,Take It's so Easy,O.K ?


I asked OR' nurse about Cardio- Surgery in

my hospital, she told me couldnot open,

coz Don't have Cardio Surgeon.

@ She told me about CVT..... ?

what ya mean?

And she told me so difficult for Practice but

I loved that. :-)

Oh ! I've got a heartache now, Ha ! Ha!


Kyu Kyu Shawo yon de kudazai....

Call an Ambulance, Please.Ho ! Ho ! Ho !


Anyway, you will so proud,

If you have Great Successfully in your Job.


Wish you every Happiness,every success you desire.

Have a Good time for You & Me.

Success is a Journey, not a Destination.


Opss!!!  ... My phoneline couldnot support to used

Internet, Huh!

I met my friend and asked him but he dunno

So, he told me to search something in TOT,

but TT&T he dunno.

Dore kuraidekite moraemaska ?

How long must I wait?

Will you go to search with me ?


Oh! just to say sorry friend's email.....

for taking so long coz I cannot open email at

excite mail coz something error, Huh!

I reply as soon as I can,thank you so much.


One day better than two tomorrows.

Top !

14 / Feb. / 1999 :

Happy Valentine's Day.

Love that makes the world go round,right ?

Love you all dear friends.

Top !

25 / Feb. / 1999 :

What's the deal ?

Seminar about Orthopedic Surgery.

Open on 25 - 26 Feb.,1999.

at JB Hotel, HatYai, Songkhla.

"Spine Course Program"

Do you interesting ?

Let's Go with me. :-)


Next month, going to the Neuro Surgery.


Nihon - go wa muzukashii desu ne ?

JP Language so hard,isn't it ?

Top !

.. / Feb. / 1999 : To be Continue !

Rose for you !

Top !