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       Hello ! All, Iím a Registered Nurse from Chest Disease Institute ,Nonthaburi,THAILAND. ;Working in HatYai Hospital Songkhla,in Medical dept.,Obs - Gyn dept.; Post Partum also Labor room since 1 April,1988 to 30 June,2002. I learned to be a PeriOperative Nurse ; TORN since 1 Dec.,1998 ,in Orthopedics area also other fields.

       Someone asked me: how were you a scrub nurse or RN first assistant ? In my opinion, you can learn by yourself before actually doing. You can if you intend to work. I mean if you patiently learn about procedures from OR's Text books or surgeons's style also OR's techniques, you can. In my old nice hospital has taught by our nurse managers and clinical specialists.If you are interested in : How will you a PeriOperative Nurse? Let's Go with me.

I've been working in new Job; Respiratory Care Unit since 1 July,2004.  Free Styles

*The best in my life ;Speech from King.

So now I will have been being graduated from Mahidol University since October 30th,2009.

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* For Security e- Mail, you can download my new PGP key ( 4 October,2002 ) first, best time for you and me.

Success is a Journey, not a Destination.

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Hajimemashite, Doozo yoroshiku.

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