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Heavy Flood in HatYai 22 - 28 Nov.,2000

21 / Nov. / 2000 :

Start Hard rainy, nobody expected got heavy flood will come to tomorrow morning.

Normal Situation ,Good sleeping.

22 / Nov. / 2000 :

01.00 - 03.00 AM Heavy flood in Medical treasury.The director of HatYai Hospital and assistant

order to stop usual working that day.

So that many communications & convenients out of order, but local radio and mobile phone can.

07.30 AM water level about 50 cm. Mobilized who still staying in Hospital

11.00 PM : moved many medical supplies out from medical treasury again to the new building ;

very exhausted but funny.

23 / Nov. / 2000 :

water level about 200 cm. Oh ! So frightful !

Water level still higher.Refer intensive care patients to Songkhla nakarint hospital by

Songkhla naval officer’s car & helicopter.

24 / Nov. / 2000 :

Coworkers from many hospitals came to help us,eg. from Prajeenburi, Chumporn,

Noppharut from Bangkok, Samutprakarn, Nakhonprathom,Ratchaburi, Petchaburi,

Nakhonsri thammarat , Suratthani, Krabi, Patthalung, Trang also other hospitals

apologized me too if I didnot show your hospitals.

many patronize came to help us.

Men that time who demands respect from The Ministry of Public Health visited

my hospital, to assessed this situation eg.

Dr. Chalermchai Choomueng ; The gorvernor of MoPH

Dr. Mongkhol na Songkhla; The permanent undersecretary of MoPH

His Excellency Korn Tuppharungsi ; Minister of MoPH also the celebrity persons.

Refer intensive care patients to Songkhla nakarint hospital by helicopter again.

The King of Thailand very anxious specially.We're very delightfull.

To crave His Majesty's pardon if I used the wrong words.

26 / Nov. / 2000 :

Flood slight improved to usual situation.His Excellency Chuan Leekphai ;

Prime minister also H.E. Banyat Banthatthan ; The Ministry of Interior that time visited HatYai.

28 / Nov. / 2000 :

First day after flood , walking down in city ,so many smelled coming from fragmented.

HatYai Municipality Plans Tourism Revival.

Heavy flood in HatYai

Special Thanks :

Chia Colors Lab : Photo Shop in HatYai, Songkhla.

Photo & VDO Work Groups of HatYai Hospital.