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Bog Bog ! Cool site ! 

1 / Oct. / 2001 :

Send report to khun pook already

and wait for my report later,

( about 2 weeks, right ? ...... so long !! )


* Start .... 30 bht Gold Card for all people.

the best time for all people.

In my opinion, some people can take care of themself

do not support them much more,A Government Clinic fit better.

So that Tertiary Hospital must take care of the best for all people

and must use so many inventorys, medical instruments

and new technology,

I'm not sure better way of my job and don't understand much more.

My job on the thread or not :-(

Turn Back to the Future, I'm not sure ??


You can if you think you can,

But if you cannot take care of yourself, How will you do ?

Must to be surrender.

So that This is a Government's Policy, Let's see, later.

4 / Oct. / 2001 :

Her Excellency Sudarat Keyuraphnnt

; Minister of MoPH also the celebrity persons

visited HatYai Hospital about 30 bht Gold Card for all people.


First day : COMTECH & COMMART Thailand'01

4 - 7 October,2001.

at National Sirikit Exhibition, Plenary Hall, Bangkok.

So many interesting about Forum & Seminar eg;

IT Security Forum, Tech Trend Forum,

Developer Forum, Opensource Forum

One Stop Enterprise Solutions

eBusiness Solutions ,Corporate Strategy Solutions

Network & Communications

eGovernment & eLearning

also Innovation Activities and Buyer's Guide Corner.

But I missed this, he he ;-)

8 / Oct. / 2001 :

First day USA Strike against Terror at Kabul city ;Afkanistan.

.. / Oct. / 2001 : To be Continue !

Rose for you !