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Bog Bog ! Cool site ! 

1 / July / 2001 : stop free service.

Why is Net@ddress no longer free?

In today's changing business environment, revenue sources are no longer adequate to support our Net@ddress free email service.

How long can I keep using my current Net@ddress email for free?

I will be able to access my current Net@ddress email account at until July 31, 2001. It is recommended that I purchase a Net@ddress Messaging Center email subscription before August 1, 2001, if I want to keep the name of my current email address and move my email to the Net@ddress Messaging Center service.

What will happen to my email address and my email after July 31, 2001?

After July 31, 2001, my email account will be deactivated and removed from our system unless I sign up for the new Net@ddress Messaging Center service. If I choose to subscribe to our new fee-based email service now, Net@ddress Messaging Center, My email account (including stored messages and account settings) will be moved for me to the new service.

I sign up for keep my job good service for me,

away from many problems.

But I never used any credit card,

I must signed up for my first credit card too.

2 / July / 2001 :

Find about the best Domain name for my job,

first name is ......Huh! don't like.

So funny ... Yeah !!

for new ! better !!

Plan e-mailed to someone who can create about flash to

my website, I have many jobs now,

So that my brain got many programs in it, ha ha ..... kidding !

but I'm not on the money, Can you help me ?

Thanks at first. :-)

3 / July / 2001 :

Click Click! Finished save pictures in Digital Camera,

Special Thanks to

Dr. Wanna Unkasuwan, help me about how to load picture

from Digical Camera to PC.

Thank you so much to Orthopeadics Dept.'s Digital camera too.

5 / July / 2001 :

Start 9 digit for telephone all over Thailand,

for TOT good service.

7 / July / 2001 :

Finished Manual OR : Surgical Preparation.

I will publish for my co - worker too.

( Lucky time of mine; this manual can help me away from problem,

about position will change from LR to OR position next time.)

Belive it or not.

17 / July / 2001 :

Published Manual OR ;

At HatYai Hospital's Library,

HatYai Hospital's Operating Room,

Songkhla Neuro Hospital's Operating Room,

Songkhla Hospital's Libraly,

Boromratchonnanee Nursing Songkhla collage's library,

Maharaj Nakhonrachseema's Operating Room ( later ).

I'm not sure Sircam; virus computer visit Thailand ?

25 / July / 2001 :

Fed up with same one make me on dangerous way again,

3 times !! of mine.

So that she got something wrong in her life too,

Fate over taken her,..... unlucky her time.

God never take care of you if you never take care of yourself.

An adjust deed.

28 / July / 2001 :

If you sure to open mind to someone, be carefull.

They will dressing up you not in same way you told her,Huh!

You don't belived if you never met before.

I mean I cannot control my mood in that situation again.

Why someone think like that ?

Why they didn't think in good way. :-(

31/ July / 2001 :

My young sister from Phuket visited me with her husband,

nice time.

Thank you so much about my brother's closed friend,

his credit card help me to sign up at 29.95 $,

but my card must be waiting next month.

Some one asked me

"Why you wanna sign up at not for free ?"

My question is :

" This service free from many problems frankly,

you like this ?"

Well, old e-mail : ,

I never use for along times since network at OR got problems,

So sorry if you mailed me,

and will expired with in 30 September 2001.

Good bye for now, seeya.