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Bog Bog ! Cool site !

1 / Nov. / 2000

Khun P' Jaew ;a librarian's HatYai Hospital

allowed me to borrow

PeriOpertive Nursing Care Planning :

edited by Jane C. Rothrock RN, DNSc, CNOR

Thank you so much.

I wish to edit Nursing Care Planning for my work

with my coworkers.

8 / Nov. / 2000 :

First time of mine in PCT Orthopedics field,

I had more times to meeting with them

& I didnot the PCT now : I'm new for this field.

9 / Nov. / 2000 :

Dissolved the government by

His Excellency Chuan Leekphai ; the president.

11 / Nov. / 2000 :

Loy Kratong Festival with my young sister

at Samila beach, Songkhla.

B.P Samila Beach Hotel is a nice Place to lodge

in Songkhla province.

Oh! if you wanna listen a relax musics

don't forget :" Paradox on the Beach"


13 / Nov. / 2000 :

download ICQ 2000 b ; nice and easy program.

Do you like this ?

Computers assembly meeting

so that I prefer to be an assistant public relations too.

Please download PGP latest version first.

The best way if you need a security communications,

Cert advised me.

21 / Nov. / 2000 :

First time scrub nurse of mine; Laminectomy with

pedicular screws.

Start hard rainny ! nobody expected

got Heavy Flood tomorrow morning.

22 / Nov. / 2000 :

Hard Rainny .... about 03.00 AM.

Flood Day ! in the morning :-O

( about 50 cm. )

I prepared to staying at my office 3 days, Yeah !

couldn't come back to my room.

I'm so funny but nobody think liked that.

Such is the situation Stop usual working that day,

Stop communication & other convenients.

05.00 PM Heavy flood in Medical treasury ,

Mobilized who still staying in Hospital

moved many medical supplies out from

medical treasury again; very exhausted but funny.

23 / Nov. / 2000 :

( water level about 200 cm. )

Oh ! So frightful !

Refer intensive care patients to

Songkhla nakarint hospital by helicopter,

many patronize came to help us.

24 / Nov. / 2000 :

Water level still higher,

Men who demands respect from

The Ministry of Public Health visited my hospital,

to assessed this situation

eg.Dr. Chalermchai Choomueng ; The gorvernor of MoPH,

Dr. Mongkhol na Songkhla;

The permanent undersecretary of MoPH ,

His Excellency Korn Tuppharungsri ; Minister of MoPH

also the celebrity persons.

The King of Thailand very anxious specially.

We 're very delightfull.

To crave His Majesty's pardon if I used the

wrong words.

Coworkers from many hospitals came to help us,

eg. from Prajeenburi, Chumporn, Bangkok, Samutprakarn,

Nakhonprathom, Ratchaburi, Petchaburi,

Nakhonsrithammarat , Surat thani, Patthalung,

Krabi, Trang also other hospitals ;

apologized me too if I didnot show your names.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

26 / Nov. / 2000 :

Flood slight improved to usual situation

His Excellency Chuan Leekphai ; Prime minister

also H.E. Banyat Banthatthan ;

The Ministry of Interior visited HatYai.

28 / Nov. / 2000 :

First day after flood , walking down in HatYai city

so many smelled coming from fragmented.

HatYai Municipality Plans Tourism Revival.

If you wanna know about details,

Please Click ! Or download Zip file about 2.95 MB.

30 / Nov. / 2000 :

Set about computer hardware in my hospital

if I can help before set to work 4 December.

Rose for you !